We're open Milí zákazníci, naša online čistiareň je tu stále pre vás. Naši kuriéri a zamestnanci čistiarní sú vybavení ochrannými pomôckami. Ďakujeme za Vašu priazeň.

We are an online cleaner and laundry with delivery that saves your time

Online dry cleaning and laundry service to your door

We will pick up at your place, clean and bring back clean from 24 hours throughout Bratislava from 8:00 to 17:00

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We are at your place within 90 minutes and you have it cleaned within 24 hours

We operate in 24 cities of the Czech Republic and are planning more.

We use eco-friendly cleaning technologies

For orders above 50,00 EUR, shipping is free.

How Cleany works?

Simple. You wear, we clean and press.

  • Method

    You order You choose what you need to clean online. Or bring everything to the branch.

  • Method

    You hand over You hand over the clothes and other textiles to our couriers at the selected time.

  • Method

    We clean and iron ecologically We use eco-friendly technologies.

  • Method

    We return clean We will deliver clean and fragrant clothes to you, or we will prepare them for delivery at our branches.

Leave cleaning and pressing to us

Choose whether you want to clean a specific piece of clothing or even an entire basket or pile of laundry.

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  • Cleaning per item

    When you know exactly what to wash