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We want to go against the idea of ​​the shared economy, minimalism and sustainability. We want clean and ironed clothes not to represent a necessary evil, a waste of time and stress. We want your clothes to last and serve you as long as possible.
We put our heads together and invented an online dry cleaner that can do this. Our drivers are assisted by professionals from the Messenger delivery service, and colleagues in brick-and-mortar branches are assisted by family dry cleaners, which we carefully select.
We have a lot more planned. However, our main priority is to provide the highest quality cleaning and laundry at a good price.
We want to constantly expand our range of services, so if you have a tip, here with him.

We cooperate with family-owned local dry cleaners and laundries

Our partners include Czech family dry cleaners with a long tradition. We try to help them keep up with the times and adapt services to customer needs and improve them. Our suppliers are members of the Association of Laundries and Dry Cleaners of the Czech Republic and actively publish in the professional magazine Informátor. They take cleaning seriously, as well as ecology.


Express courier service Messenger helps with delivery

Express courier service Messenger has been around since 1991 and has become synonymous with couriers in general. This Czech company has set the standard and benchmark of quality for the entire industry. Their customers include thousands of companies from all over the country. Their messengers on bikes became an icon - but they were also strengthened by a large fleet of cars a long time ago. It is their cars that we use to transport clothes that we can no longer transport ourselves. We also appreciate Messenger for the way it actively supports the Paraple Center.

How Cleany works?

Simple - You wear, we wash and iron.


You order

You choose garments you need to clean online.


You hand over

You hand over the clothes and other textiles to our couriers at the selected time.


We clean and iron ecologically

We use eco-friendly technologies.


We return clean

We will deliver clean and fragrant clothes to you, or we will prepare them for delivery at our branches.

Our team


„I am an enthusiast for innovative solutions and an eternal optimist. I believe in a great future. I like to invent new things. I believe that technology should serve man and not the other way around.“

Hanuš Zvolský

„I am fascinated by stepping out of line and the courage to do things differently. I see that in Cleany. Combining already existing services with a completely new unique offer that will help other people.“

Patrik Neumeister

„I like to spend time with my family and friends. I enjoy traveling, barbecuing and garden parties. Although I usually wear a suit, I believe that perfectly clean shoes are the most important to the overall impression. Clothes should first and foremost fit and coordinate, that is why I love tailored clothes. I enjoy doing things that make sense - Cleany is one of them.“

Martin Holček

„I see fashion as a self-expression of how I feel and who I want to be on a given day. I never throw away any piece of clothing, I prefer to donate or sell it so that it continues to bring joy. I believe that every piece of clothing has its own story, which should be as long as possible.“

Eliška Krutáková

Contact us

Do you have a dry cleaner or laundry and want to cooperate with us?

Do you need some clothes cleaned and do not see them on the menu?

Do you want to shape the future of cleaning and laundry and can you think of how we could join forces?

Do you have any tips for us or do you want to establish cooperation? Contact us at spoluprace@cleany.cz.

News from the Cleany blog

Reading for those who love their clothes.

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