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Or everything you wanted to know about our online cleaning and laundry with delivery, but were afraid to ask :-) In one place, clearly divided into topics: Order, Pickup and Delivery, Cleaning, Shipping and Payment and About us.


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Pickup and drop off

  • When will you pick up my clothes and return it back?

    We pick up the orders from 8am to 10pm seven days a week including bank holidays. Drop off the orders is available during the working days only between 8am to 10 pm. Delivery of the orders during weekends and bank holidays is coming soon.

    We usually process the orders within 24 hours. We will contact you in advance in case completion of your order takes longer than 24 hours due to cleaning process recommended by the producer of your garments.

  • Do I need to prepare my clothes for the pickup?

    Nope. No special preparation is required. It is always good to put your clothes on the hangers, but we handle it even without the hangers.

  • What will happen with my clothes after the pickup?

    Courier will put your clothes into the transportation cover and deliver it to our cleaning facility. After the cleaning is done, we will bring it back to your address in selected time.

  • What will happen if I will not be at the delivery address in the selected time slot?

    You can change your delivery time 2 hours before the beginning of your selected time slot at the latest. If you are a Cleany Club member visit you profile or if you have not registered yet use the link in the email with the summary of your order. In case our courier misses you on your address, you can rearrange the delivery within the same day directly with him.

  • How do you transport the clothes?

    Each clean item we put on the hanger and cover by fully recyclable plastic foil. Feel free to use the hangers for your next order.

  • What to do if I am not happy with the cleaning or my clothes are damaged?

    If you are not happy with the cleaning or with the service send us an email to complaint@cleany.cz. Please write down the order number and let us know what exactly you are not happy with. If possible, add pictures too.

    If your clothes were not cleaned properly, we will do our best and clean it again free of charge. Or at your preference we will send you a voucher for complimentary cleaning.

    In case of damaged caused by us, we will refund your clothes or cover the expenses. We hold a liability insurance up to CZK 500 thousand.

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  • How and where do you clean the clothes?

    We carefully select our partners who use eco-friendly technologies harmless to your garments and the environment. Our experienced staff uses mainly Triton wet cleaning by the SEITZ company or standard dry cleaning. Your clothes will be freshly cleaned and will last longer.

  • What is the wet cleaning?

    Wet cleaning is a modern cleaning process extremely efficient and gentle to the fabrics. The cleaning process based on the water bath at low temperature enable to clean all types of natural and synthetic fabrics as well as delicate material with limited cleaning and washing.

  • What do you do if the clothes are not suitable for the wet cleaning?

    We always respect cleaning instructions of the producer, thus in case your clothes are not suitable for the wet cleaning we use standard dry cleaning. If your clothes are missing the label with the cleaning instructions, we will recommend you the best way of cleaning and ask you for your consent. If you disagree, we will return your clothes without cleaning.

  • What you do not clean?

    We specialize on all personal wear and home textiles. We do not do deep cleaning of the sofa but we can clean its slipcover.

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Payment and delivery

  • How can I pay for the order?

    After you place the order you will be redirected to the payment gateway, where you can choose bank account transfer, credit or debit card, OR code or Bitcoin. You can also pay in cash to our courier upon delivery of your clean clothes.

  • Is my credit card secured?

    We use ThePay payment gateway which comply with the highest security payment standards. It includes SSL certificates and its servers are placed in the best data centre TTC in the Czech Republic. The whole payment system is supervised by the Czech National Bank.

  • What is the cost of delivery?

    We have a free delivery until May 31. The delivery includes both ways – pickup and drop off . In case of missed delivery, we charge additional CZK 150.

  • Who will pick up my clothes?

    For the pickup and drop off we use the last mile delivery company Messenger. Each courier is trained and equipped with the transportation cover to safely delivery your clothes to our cleaning facility. Due to this logistic system we are able to provide fast and comfortable pickup and drop off regardless the peak hours.

  • How can I apply the voucher?

    Enter the voucher number into the voucher field at the last stage of your order and activate your discount. You can see your bonus was included in the total price.

    You can get CZK 100 off if you register to the Cleany Club here.

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About us

  • Who you are?

    We are colleagues, former classmates, and friends. Our company does not own any car or washing machine. We share the idea of shared economy and therefore believe there is no need to build new facilities.

    We love minimalism and sustainable business. We want to make cleaning a hassle free that does not cost you any time and help your clothes last longer.

    We come up with online dry-cleaning service with delivery to your door. We cooperate with Messenger logistic company and carefully selected local dry cleaning.

    Hanuš Zvolský
    I am enthusiastic about innovative solutions and never-ending optimist. I believe that a great future is ahead of us. I like to create innovative ideas and believe that technology should serve to a man.

    Favourite item in my wardrobe: grey coat I bought in Vienna 10 years ago. I look after it and still receive compliments

    Martin Holček
    I like to spend time with my family and friends. I love traveling, barbecue and garden parties. I used to wear a suit all the time, but I believe that the most important part of your outfit is perfectly clean shoes. The clothes should ideally fit and go together, therefore I love made to measure. I am interested in projects with added value and Cleany is one of them.

    Favourite item in my wardrobe: white and purple shirt, which was my first made to measure item. It still looks new.

    Patrik Neumeister
    I am fascinated about stepping out and have courage to do things differently. I love to take existing things and make the unique service that serve to other people.

    Favourite item in my wardrobe: my ski gloves that I have for 15 years already. There are pretty worn, and each season make it worse, but there is nothing I cannot fix.

    Eliška Krutáková
    The fashion is part of the expression of my feelings and shows who I am that day. I never throw any clothes away. I rather sell it or give to somebody else to make him happy. I believe every item tells a story that should be as long as possible.

    Favourite item in my wardrobe: leather vintage handbag by Belsaca which I bought in Copenhagen.

  • How did you come up with the idea of the online dry cleaning?

    Several attempt of Hanuš to do good washing and pressing job of his shirts ended up in dead end. He realized he cannot make it himself. He brought his heavy laundry bag to the closest dry cleaner and was impressed with their job. Hallelujah! What if you could order your dry cleaning and washing online and someone would pick it up and bring it back fresh and clean without a hassle of carrying it yourself?

    And the story of Cleany began. The project which innovate the industry that has been on side for a long time and keep the tradition of Czech family dry cleaners. At Cleany we believe that everyone should do what he is good at, and therefore we partner with dry cleaners and logistic companies, we carefully select.

  • Who are your partners?

    Local dry cleaners.
    We partner with family businesses with long tradition. We help them with the innovations that address to current customers’ needs. We aim to improve the service quality and the whole industry as well. Our partners are members of the Laundry and Dry-cleaning association in the Czech Republic and regularly contribute to the Informator magazine. They are serious about the cleaning and about the environment.

    Messenger logistic company
    Specializing in the last mile delivery, Messenger was established in 1991 and has become a synonymous with the courier. Among its customers one can find thousands of companies across the Czech Republic. The iconic has become a messenger on the bike. However, the company operates a car fleet which we exclusively use for the pickup and drop off. We honour the Messenger as well for their support of the Paraple Centrum.

  • What are your plans for the future?

    We have many plans for the future. However, our priority is to provide excellent service for the reasonable price. We always look for the extension of our portfolio, thus if you did not find the item you need to clean, let us know. We will reward you for an idea how to improve our service. Are you a dry cleaner or operate laundry? Do you want to innovate the industry together with us? Send us an email to partnership@cleany.cz. Do not miss out any news and follow our blog and the social networks.

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